We used to have a Viofo A139 dashcam in our Mach-E but we recently upgraded to the NEW Viofo A139 Pro version. We really liked the improved image quality and specifically the HDR capabilities that are featured in the A130 Pro.

Here are some of the other features of the Viofo A139 Pro:

  • 🚕【1, 2 or 3 channels】 The A139 Pro is available as just a front facing camera or you can get it with rear and cabin cameras as well..
  • 🚕【Super Slim Coaxial Cable】 The interior and rear cameras are connected with a super slim cable that is easy to hide.
  • 🚕【GPS logger】 You can embed GPS coordinates and your speed on the dashcam footage.
  • 🚕【Super Night Vision】 The STARVIS 2 sensor ensures fantastic image quality in day, night, and high contrast situations.

Check out our video review with installation details and sample footage:

Viofo A139 Pro dashcam

Patrick Anderson

Video Quality

Great 4K HDR dashcam

The Viofo A139 Pro is a great quality dashcam that provides excellent video quality in a lot of different situations.