We’ve owned a Mustang Mach-E for over 3 years now, and below are some of the essential accessories that we recommend and have used for our own car. The items listed here don’t really include anything that will change the appearance of the Mach-E. We’ll leave that for another article and for your own personal choices. Instead, these items will help improve your Mach-E ownership experience or help protect it.

Empora 48 Amp EVSE

Level 2 smart EVSE that connects via WiFi.


A2Z Typhoon Adapter

Allows you to charge at over 15,000 Tesla Superchargers.


A2Z Stellar Plug

Enables charging at Tesla Destination chargers


Mach-E Jack Pads

Keeps your Mach-E battery safe if you need to change a tire.


TWraps B/C Pillar protection

Protects the piano black plastic from microscratches.


Spigen Screen Protector

Keeps your screen free from fingerprints and helps reduce glare.


Upgrade Your Home Charging:

Emporia Level 2 EVSE

Level 2 charging stations significantly reduce charging times compared to the standard Level 1 charging. The 48 amp Emporia Level 2 EVSE provides up to 9 times faster charging speeds, significantly cutting down on downtime spent tethered to a plug. This smart charger boasts WiFi connectivity, allowing for remote control, energy monitoring, and flexible scheduling options. You can leverage these features to take advantage of off-peak energy rates and optimize charging costs. It has a NEMA 14-50 plug but can also be hardwired.

Expand Your Charging Options:

A2Z Typhoon NACS to CCS Adapter

This adapter opens the door to a whole new world of charging possibilities. The A2Z NACS to CCS Adapter enables you to connect your Mach-E to the extensive Tesla Supercharger network, a significant benefit for long-distance travel. Tesla Superchargers are renowned for their speed and ubiquity, making them a reliable and convenient option on road trips.

NOTE: Most Mach-E owners are eligible for a free adapter from Ford. However, they are severely backordered and if you need an adapter before then, this is a great option. Read our review before deciding!

A2Z Stellar Plug (Tesla to J1772 Adapter

Although the NACS to CCS adapter will get you access to Tesla Superchargers, they do not work with Tesla home chargers or Tesla Destination Chargers (commonly found at hotels, restaurants, etc.) The A2Z Stellar plug makes it so you can use these types of chargers with your Mach-E and add a lot more charging options.


Mach-E Jack Pads from EV-Vida

When it comes to lifting your Mach-E for tire changes, safety is paramount. The Mach-E Jack Pads from EV-Vida are custom-designed to precisely fit the designated jack points of your Mach-E. Using these pads distributes weight evenly and prevents damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Although you may think you’ll just leave any jacking of your car to professionals, these can still be useful to have. The lifting locations on the Mach-E are quite small and the tow truck operator or tire mechanic may appreciate having these pads and it will help to protect the delicate underbody of the Mach-E.

B/C Pillars Clear Protection Film for the Mach-E from TWraps

Because the B and C pillars of your Mach-E are “piano black” plastic, they are particularly vulnerable to scratches, scuffs, and dings from everyday use. The B/C Pillars Clear Protection Film from TWraps offers a durable and transparent solution. This protective film shields these vulnerable areas without compromising the sleek look of your Mach-E. TWraps has other packages in the TWraps Amazon store to cover other parts of the Mach-E and protect it.

Interior Upgrade:

Spigen Glas.tR Slim Screen Protector for Mustang Mach-E

The large touchscreen in your Mach-E is the command center for the vehicle’s infotainment system. The Spigen Glas.tR Slim Screen Protector safeguards this vital component from scratches and fingerprints while maintaining exceptional touch sensitivity and immaculate display clarity. This allows you to interact with the touchscreen flawlessly while greatly reducing fingerprint smudges and glare.

Making Your Mustang Mach-E Your Own

These accessories provide a springboard to personalize your Mach-E ownership experience even further. Consider adding all-weather floor mats to shield your carpets from dirt and debris. Cargo space organizers can help you maintain a clutter-free interior, and a panoramic roof sunshade can keep the cabin cool and comfortable during hot summer days. By incorporating these thoughtful additions, you can transform your Mach-E into a true reflection of your lifestyle and enhance every drive.

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