Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network has been a major draw for electric vehicle (EV) owners. However, owners of Mustang Mach-Es and other non-Tesla EVs haven’t been able to tap into this vast resource – until now. Ford has worked with Tesla to get access to the Supercharger network for Mach-Es. They have also promised to send free adapters to anyone that requests one by June 30th. Unfortunately, they are really backlogged and estimated ship times can be as late as fall 2024.

That’s where the A2Z Typhoon adapter comes in. This adapter can provide access to the Supercharger network right now, if you are willing to spend about $200.

What is NACS?

NACS stands for North American Charging Standard. It’s the connector type used by Tesla Superchargers in this region. While most other EVs use the CCS1 charging standard, the Ford/Tesla or A2Z Typhoon adapter bridges the gap.

A2Z Typhoon Adapter

Key Specifications and Features

  • High Power Handling: The adapter supports up to 500A and 1000VDC, translating to fast charging speeds dependent on your vehicle’s capabilities. This means it will not limit your charging speed with the Mustang Mach-E.
  • Advanced Materials: Silver-plated copper conductors ensure efficient power flow and minimal losses.
  • Robust Build: The shell uses fire-retardant UL-94-V0 PA66 material, boosting durability and safety.
  • Safety Measures: Dual 85ºC temperature sensors trigger an automatic kill switch if overheating is detected.
  • Security: The adapter locks securely to both the NACS charger and your CCS1 vehicle charging port, preventing unauthorized disconnection.
  • Certification: A2Z is actively pursuing UL2252 certification, the emerging safety standard for this type of adapter.

Real-World Tests

We’ve had the A2Z Typhoon for a couple of weeks and tried it at several different Tesla Superchargers. Each time it performed well. Our Mach-E was able to charge using Plug & Charge and the A2Z adapter. We have also tried using Fordpass and the Tesla app to activate charging with the A2Z Typhoon and it works every time.

While charging we monitored the heat of the adapter and it got mildly warm, but by no means did it get hot. It is made with a heat resistant insulating material and performed well.

We took some IR photos of the heat being produced while charging:

Although you can see some warm spots, this is normal and nothing to be alarmed about. The IR camera is very sensitive to heat variations and you can even see the tires are also “glowing” warm. To compare it something you may be familiar with, here is an image of my coffee cup, which was a lot hotter than the adapter.

The only issue that we had with the A2Z Typhoon adapter is getting the hang of the locking mechanism to attach it to the Tesla Supercharger connector. The first couple of times we tried to charge, the switch wasn’t locked so it would not charge. Once I made sure it was locked, charging started almost immediately. But this also goes to show that the safety mechanisms are working since it wouldn’t allow me to charge without it being locked.

The Bottom Line

The A2Z Typhoon NACS adapter is a significant innovation for Mustang Mach-E owners. Its robust construction, safety features, and potential to significantly expand your charging options make it a compelling accessory. If you need to make use of the Tesla Supercharger network now, this is a great option to consider.

Important Considerations

Tesla & Ford do not officially support this adapter. After reviewing the technical specifications, testing the adapter, and talking with A2Z, we believe this is just a technicality and will be resolved shortly.

A2Z Typhoon NACS Adapter

Build Quality
Safety Features
Ease of Use

Works great & solid build for less than $200

If you can’t wait for the free adapter from Ford, this might be a good option for you. It has a solid build and performed well in our tests.


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