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How should I park to use a Supercharger?

Because the Mustang Mach-E’s charging port is on the left side of the car and behind the from wheel, it can be difficult to park at a Supercharger. Because the Superchargers are setup to charge Tesla’s with their charge port in the very rear on the driver side, it can mean cars like the Mustang Mach-E will render the space next to them unusable by Tesla owners.

Here is a typical parking situation that you’ll likely see at a Supercharger (Mach-E is the blue car):

If possible, you may be able to avoid this by parking to the right of the charger on the right end of the station:

Another tip is to try to park right next to other Mach-Es (or other CCS cars with the charging port on the left side). While this doesn’t completely eliminate a “wasted” space it minimizes it to just one instead of making it two or more.

At some Supercharger stations, they may have stalls with chargers on the side or in pull through spots. This provides another potential parking option that could work.

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