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How can I tell how fast I am charging at a Supercharger?

Since the charging speed doesn’t display on the Mustang Mach-Es screen and Superchargers don’t have screens, you will need a different method to check your charging speed.

No matter how you initiated the charge (Plug & Charge or an app), you can see your charging speed in the FordPass app. When your car is charging, the FordPass app will display a message that it is fast charging. In addition to displaying an estimate of how long it will take to charger, it will also display your charging speed in kW.

If you activated the charging session using the Tesla app, it will display the speed in that app.

As an alternative, if you have a compatible OBD2 scanner and the Car Scanner app, you can check the car’s charging speed and lots of other data. See our article on OBD2 and Car Scanner.

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