Ford NACS – Tesla Supercharger FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about using the Ford & NACS. The Ford NACS adapter allows you to charge your Ford Mustang Mach-E at some Tesla Supercharging stations. 

Getting a NACS adapter

How do I get a NACS adapter?

If you own a Mustang Mach-E (or Lightning), you can login to your Ford account and order one. If you order before June 30th, the adapter is free (only one free adapter can be ordered per VIN).

How long will it take to get my adapter?

Ford is starting to ship adapters in April, but there is already a huge backlog in adapter orders. We’ve already seen that recent orders may not get shipped until September or later. 

What if I need an adapter sooner?

You can order a third party adapter, but they are not officially supported by Tesla or Ford.
If you are considering a thrid party adapter, the only we have actually tested is the A2Z Typhoon NACS Adapter. You can watch our video review here and if you decide to buy one, use this link to save 15%. You can also simply use the discount code machevlog when you checkout at A2Z to save 15%.

How much does the NACS adapter cost?

If you order from Ford before June 30th, it should be free including shipping (one adapter per VIN). After that, it will be $230 from Ford. Third party adapters are about $200.

Supercharging with the NACS Adapter

How do I charge using the NACS adapter?

The adapter is really easy if you are using Plug & Charge:

  1. Insert the Tesla Supercharger connector into the NACS side of the adapter until you hear a click.
  2. Insert the NACS adapter into the CCS charge port of the car. The charging status ring should turn partially blue. The number of blue segments lit varies base on your current state of charge.
How do I stop a charging session when using an adapter?
  1. Press the button in the center of the charging port status indicator.
  2. Press the latch on top of the adapter and remove the adapter from the CCS port.
  3. Press the button underneath the adapter and pull at the same time to remove the adapter from the Tesla connector.
How do I find a Tesla Supercharger where I can use the NACS adapter?

There are multiple ways to find compatible Tesla Supercharger stations.

  • FordPass app – Use the map & select chargers. Then make sure to uncheck the filter that “Hides Stations Needing Adapter
  • Public Charging app in the car – Make sure to uncheck the filter that “Hides Stations Needing Adapter
  • Tesla App – First you have to setup your Ford EV in your profile. Then on the homescreen of the Tesla app, click on Find a Charger and it will show yoou a map of NACS compatible charging stations
  • Chargeway app – On the map screen, click on the filter icon and then turn on the filter that adds Level 3-7 Red Adapter
Why aren't Tesla Superchargers in the car's navigation screen?

Ford will be adding Tesla Superchargers soon.